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What this course is like:

"Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices"© Course №2

This course of Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices developed by Victor Ogui on the bases of his 25 years of work as a massage therapist and 10 years of scientific research and expeditions to the Himalayas and Asia.

This seminar is based on both contact and contactless practices with singing bowls passed from different Masters of sound and singing bowls in different cities and countries. For example, from Masters from Japanese monasteries and temples - practice with the singing cup "Meditation on Silence", from Masters from Nepal - the Shamanic practice of healing with the singing bowl and the Practice "Balancing 5 Elements" with the use of a special ritual wooden dagger Phurba.

Unlike the training seminar " Singing Bowls Vibro-Acoustic Massage: Contact Method " ©, which is entirely built on the scientific validity of the method from the standpoint of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, compliance with the normal anatomy and human physiology, the relationship of classical massage and vibro-acoustic massage - in the seminar "Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practice"© - the main focus is on understanding the subtle human anatomy (the system of energy centers and channels), on the acoustic properties of singing bowls, the effect of sound on human organisms (music therapy, meditation, concentration), the ancient and modern techniques, practices and rituals for healing and spiritual self.

Besides, for the practice of contact massage one forged singing bowl is enough, but for many remote acoustic practices a set of 4 and of 7 singing bowls is desirable.

"Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices" © Course №2 has a state copyright certificate on the methodology of its teaching.


After the seminar:

"Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices" © Course №2

  1. You may start to practice this massage method on the final day of the seminar (if there are singing bowls and sticks that meet the requirements of the method).
  2. You acquire a large number of different methods of interacting with singing bowls for wellness and meditation practices.
  3. You receive all the necessary teaching materials: a textbook on paper, a training video, a diagnostic map and a map to account for the dynamics of procedures.
  4. You can additionally purchase various books, collections, videos on this topic.
  5. You acquire a system, following which you will heal your body by helping other people.
  6. You will be able to help other people recover.
  7. You can use a wide range of methods of contactless interaction with singing bowls for autonomous, individual and group work with a different number of participants in their classes.
  8. You can acquire eco-friendly methods of healing yourself and other people.
  9. You can get ready-made techniques for self-development, self-healing and enhancement of creative potential.
  10. You will be able to stimulate your spiritual development.
  11. You will be able to increase your level of working potential.
  12. You will be able to solve the problems of your patients faster and more efficiently.
  13. You can become a unique master with a unique technique.
  14. After training, you can get V. Ogui’s consulting support.
  15. In the future, you may become an instructor of this course and V. Ogui’s copyright methodology.
  16. During the month, you can get V.Ogui’s support in a closed WhatsApp group for the students of the course.

The course uniqueness:

"Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices" © Course №2

  • This seminar is based on a large number of methods and practices of contactless influence by the singing bowl, both for group and individual work.
  • Methods and practices, both ancient and modern, that entered this course are collected in different places of the world from the Himalayas (Nepal, Bhutan, India, Zanskar, Ladakh, Mustang, Tibet) to Asia (Japan, New Zealand), the Old World (United Kingdom), South America (Peru) and North America (USA).
  • The techniques included in this course have been mastered and successfully practiced by many people around the world.
  • Training seminars involving techniques and practices of this course have been held on 5 continents, in 11 countries of the world, and in 5 countries on 2 continents more than 3 times.
  • After the seminar and following the recommendations for choosing singing bowls, you can purchase suitable singing bowls anywhere in the world - where it is profitable or convenient for a particular specialist.
  • We have contacts with people who sell high-quality singing bowls, both in Russia and around the world. We will be happy to give you all the necessary recommendations and contacts.
  • This is a self-sufficient course: it can be taken by itself, separately from the other courses or in the recommended sequence.
  • The effectiveness of the teaching method of this course is proved by the high frequency of seminars in the regions and the high occupancy of the groups.

Who this course is for:

"Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices " © Course №2

This course will be useful to all those:

  • Who are interested in self-development, self-healing and healthy lifestyle
  • Professional and counseling psychologists, coaches, body-oriented practitioners
  • Athletes and sports enthusiasts
  • Instructors in different areas of yoga, fitness and wellness practices
  • Young parents
  • Musicians
  • Esoterics
  • Medical workers, employees of beauty salons, spa and spa industry
  • People of creative professions (artists, sculptors, composers, writers, poets, marketing specialists and PR-managers)
  • People of stressful jobs (teachers, employees of law enforcement agencies, administrators, top managers of companies, young parents)
  • Masseurs, folk healers
  • All those who practice meditation
  • All those who practice healthy lifestyles

Advantages of this method over other similar methods:

" Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices " © Course №2

  • It is performed at a short distance, without immediate contact with the body.
  • It is performed in clothing.
  • No consumables are required.
  • It does not require extrasensory abilities.
  • A minimum set of singing bowls is required.
  • The requirements for singing bowls for the techniques presented at this seminar are simple.
  • It has minimal contraindications.
  • It allows the specialist to develop oneself in the process of practice.
  • It has a beneficial, harmonizing and prophylactic effect on both the massaged and the massage therapist.

Topics for the training seminar "Singing Bowls Contactless Acoustic Practices" © Course №2

  • Basic principles of sound (13 ways)
  • Types of singing bowls, sticks, additional instruments
  • Activating singing bowls (8 ways)
  • Set-up, Protocol, Diagnostics
  • Singing bowls diagnostics
  • Protocols and methods of remote acoustic practices (WCT) for 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 13 singing bowls
  • Balancing the human energy system (3 ways)
    • Balancing Aura "Cleansing Vajra"
    • Balancing 5 primary elements "Cross-Circle-Cross"
    • Balancing the 13 Circle Chakras
  • Binaural sound bath - singing bowls contactless acoustic practice according to V. Ogui’s methodology (concept of methodology)
  • Concert meditation with singing bowls (4 ways)
  • Singing Bowls: cleansing, sanctification, transportation and storage
  • Basics of mantra therapy. Purifying mantra, 100-syllable mantra and 5 primary element mantra.
  • Cleaning the room with singing bowls (5 ways)
  • Activating water and liquids with singing bowls (7 ways)
  • Ritual of sang offering (fragrant smoke) to the spirits of the area

Features of this seminar:

  • Take and do © - ready tool for practice
  • A wide range of methods and methods of contactless interaction and practice with singing bowls for individual and group work
  • Expansion and supplement of the practice of singing bowls vibro-acoustic contact massage
  • Work and practice with singing bowls, both individually face to face, and with a group
  • Holding meditation concerts with singing bowls
  • Teaching materials
  • Methods and protocols of procedures in the format of "Take and do" (c)


After two days of the seminar, the participants get an internationally nominated participant certificate in English, a teaching aid, patterns for a diagnostic card and a card for recording the dynamics of procedures, as well as a link to download videos for this seminar!

It is advisable you have these things with you at the seminar:

  • Notepad and pen.
  • Comfortable non synthetic clothing.
  • As far as possible, a plaid or blanket + a pillow for meditations.
  • Replaceable shoes.
  • If you already have a bowl or bowls, you can take them with you to the seminar.
  • 3 photos 3x4 or passport-size for the certificate.


References to Master Victor Ogyi
References to Singing Bowls Massage

References to the seminar " Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Massage"
Feedback on training with singing bowls
References to the achievements of the specialists trained by Victor Ogui
Video about Tibetan singing bowls vibro-acoustic massage
Photo from Tibetan singing bowls training seminars

Who: Viktor Ogui (Viktor Ogui \ VictorOguy)

  1. Organizer of Expeditions to places of the Force of the planet (6 training projects with the Masters of singing bowls in Nepal, 26 participants, the bark of Mount Kailash, Himalayas, Ladakh)
  2. Writer (40 books, 30 popular and 10 scientific articles)
  3. Traveler (5 continents, 40 countries)
  4. Physician. Medical education (obstetrician) and experience (9 years in the hospital, 20 years in medical clinics, beauty salons and fitness clubs). Achievements: 1st category in "medical massage"
  5. Teacher. Pedagogical education (Academy of Physical Education, qualified as Trainer-teacher) and experience (600 in the courses of SBVAM, 100 students - in the course of Classical massage, 80 students - in the course of bath technologies, 32 seminars in 11 countries on 5 continents)
  6. Healer (RANMA accreditation, Master-Teacher of traditional Reiki)
  7. Researcher (inventor - a patent for the author's method of vibration-acoustic massage, researcher - independently and jointly with students 3 scientific works, authorship for 3 workshops with singing bowls)
  8. Practitioner (group meditations of more than 70 participants at a time, more than 80 hours of personal reception for 10 consecutive days).

Course motto:
Take it and do it!  ©

My life mission:
Sincerely and fully convey the Experience and Knowledge that I possess, making people close to me happy.

My professional mission:
Make knowledge of massage technology accessible, and skills - safe, high-quality and effective to use. And when performing massage procedures, follow the principles of compassion, effectiveness and safety for the patient!

Explore and promote singing bowls and practices with them as an environmentally friendly and safe tool for recreational practices.

My life motto:
“I am responsible for what I said; I am not responsible for what you understood. " (Namkhai Norbu)

Рекомендуемые материалы

Рекомендуемая литература к семинару:

  • Апледжер Дж., Вредвугд Я. Д. Краниосакральная терапия. — СПб: Сударыня, 2005.
  • Анатомические поезда / Томас В. Майерс: [перевод с английского Ю.С. Воробьевой].- Санкт Петербург: ООО "МЕРЕДИАН-С", 2012.- 320с.:ил.
  • Огуй В. Тибетский виброакустический массаж поющими чашами // Массаж. Эстетика тела. 2016. №
  • Вербов А.Ф. Основы лечебного массажа. 5-е изд., доп. и перераб. М., Медицина, 1966

Рекомендуемое видео к семинару:

Поющие чаши видео:

Виктор Огуй Презентация обучающего семинара «Виброакустический массаж поющими чашами: контактный метод»

Виктор Огуй Обучающий видеофильм по методике «Виброакустический массаж поющими чашами: контактный метод» (Демо-версия)


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